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The Housemaid


Diarahkan oleh Kim Ki-young
Korea Selatan, 1960
Jenayah, Drama, Seram


A torrent of sexual obsession, revenge, and betrayal is unleashed under one roof in this venomous melodrama from South Korean master Kim Ki-young. The Housemaid depicts an illicit affair between a married music teacher and the new maid which threatens to tear the family apart.

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The Housemaid Diarahkan oleh Kim Ki-young

Ulasan pengkritik

1960’s The Housemaid reappeared out of nowhere about a decade ago and revealed its director, Kim Ki-Young, as a forgotten visionary, with a style aptly described as Sirk on acid. To reveal much about this movie’s demented, absurdist plot would be a disservice, as it’s the kind of thing best experienced cold…
January 08, 2014
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Formally quite radical, the film jumps perspectives, breaks the fourth wall, and just generally disregards conventional rules of storytelling. And it’s all the more exciting for this restless, near-baroque approach to narrative, a impulse that wouldn’t reach the States for a number of years…
December 18, 2013
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The Housemaid," a 1960 Korean film from Kim Ki-Young, is the film of the set most like a Hollywood production, though if it mostly plays by Western genre rules, the film that results is, if anything, more sophisticated and daring than anything a major Hollywood studio would have allowed at the time.
December 09, 2013
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