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The Pied Piper

Diarahkan oleh Jacques Demy
United Kingdom, Amerika Syarikat, 1972
Fantasi, Drama, Muzikal


Minstrels go to Hamelin for the Mayor’s daughter’s wedding to the Baron’s son. He wants her dowry to pay his army while his father taxes the people to build a cathedral he thinks will save his soul.

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The Pied Piper Diarahkan oleh Jacques Demy

Ulasan pengkritik

Despite its genre limitations and a total absence of the acute melancholy that defines Demy’s best work, this isn’t a bad movie, taking on an impressive array of social issues with admirable forthrightness. It’s not exactly The Devils, which was released a year earlier and made far better use of the period’s general grime-spattered nastiness, but it’s not uninteresting either.
September 21, 2015
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