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Diarahkan oleh Hajooj Kuka
Sudan, Afrika Selatan, 2018


Adnan is a Sudanese revolutionary who is considered a war hero. When Adnan is late to return to his military unit after his leave, army commander Blues launches a kasha: the rounding up and arresting of truant soldiers. Adnan is caught-off guard and makes a run for it with his friend Absi.

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AKasha Diarahkan oleh Hajooj Kuka

Ulasan pengkritik

The hijinks are mild and not particularly anarchistic, but in its freedom of form and storytelling, modest humor, deflating of masculine militarist ego and celebration of homestead women’s coy intelligence and strength, aKasha isn’t just a lovely picture, but one which achieves a great deal with modest means.
September 14, 2018
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