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The Virgin's Bed

Le lit de la vierge

Diarahkan oleh Philippe Garrel
Perancis, 1969
Avant-Garde, Fantasi
Philippe Garrel: Fight for Eternity


A loose Biblical allegory starring model-artist-musician Zouzou as Mary Magdalene, actor Pierre Clémenti as Jesus and the director himself as a misguided apostle. Christ is a metaphoric symbol of the 1968 protest movement, the “ultimate hippie.” The picture reflects the filmmakers’ self-mythologies.

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From Philippe Garrel, a cinematic conflagration and re-invention of Biblical storytelling for a culture and an audience having just passed through the convulsions of May ’68. Unabashedly radical and ambitious, with an epoch-defining cast.

The Virgin's Bed Diarahkan oleh Philippe Garrel

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This complexity is typical of Garrel, who was at this time essentially a poet working in sounds and images rather than printed words; his organization of shots shows little influence from narrative cinema. Yet his presentation of faces and bodies—which is never less than compelling—inspires viewers to forge emotional connections with the onscreen subjects.
May 18, 2018
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Earlier stabs at allegory and symbolism had mixed results. He was uncredited as writer and director of The Virgin’s Bed (1969), which, in the spirit of its era, is basically a hippie gloss on the New Testament, with a few nods to Greek myth… While the film’s efforts to mock the Christian story do not lack wit, they are undermined by a stark landscape and a mournful recognition of its failed mission.
October 11, 2017
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