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The Wild Angels

Diarahkan oleh Roger Corman
Amerika Syarikat, 1966
Aksi, Drama


Their credo is violence…Their God is hate…and they call themselves ‘The Wild Angels’. The ‘Angles’, a San Pedro motorcycle gang, parties in the Coachella Valley’s Palm Springs Indian Canyons, California, and wreaks havoc with the local police.

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The Wild Angels Diarahkan oleh Roger Corman

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Exuberantly directed by AIP’s mainstay, Roger Corman, and propelled by a twangy surf-music score (credited to California’s future lieutenant governor, Mike Curb of the singing group the Mike Curb Congregation), “The Wild Angels” traffics in speed, drugs and nihilism.
March 27, 2015
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Corman’s movies are stronger visually than dramatically; the acting is always atrocious, and the scripts spectacularly uneven. In this context The Wild Angels runs true to form. Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra may reverberate on the marquee with hereditary hubris, but their performances on screen demean the names they bear. Therefore, the inevitable echoes of Rebel Without a Cause and The Wild One only remind us of the now classical art of Marlon Brando and the late James Dean.
September 15, 1966
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