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The Woman Who Dared

Le ciel est à vous

Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon
Perancis, 1944


The wife of a mechanic and former fighter pilot falls in love with the idea of flying herself. This soon becomes an obsession and she undertakes a lofty feat: the longest solo flight ever made by a woman.

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The Woman Who Dared Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon
Grémillon’s most uplifting and warm-hearted film, it is nonetheless a clear-eyed, unsparing examination of the costs, as well as rewards, of single-minded drive and determination. It is also an extraordinary portrait of marriage as a partnership of equals working together, and most remarkable of all, the film takes its feminist stance for granted.
November 18, 2014
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Le ciel est à vous reverses the usual progression of desperation propelling ambition. Instead it’s the ambition that causes problems, playing havoc with the business and so obsessing the parents that they sell their talented daughter’s piano. The couple’s devotion to each other is stronger than to their children, and that’s an unusual message for a family film in any era.
September 11, 2012
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Scene by scene, Grémillon builds a suggestive and ambiguous interior life for all of his characters, including the couple’s daughter, whose own musical dreams are neglected as her mother determines to beat an airplane distance record, and he takes pains to portray a believable family with relationships that ebb and flow realistically. Toward the end of the movie, however, Spaak’s screenplay veers into conventional uplift while the visuals suggest a more complex point of view.
September 05, 2012
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