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The Wrong Move

Falsche Bewegung

Diarahkan oleh Wim Wenders
Jerman Barat, 1975


Six days in the life of Wilhelm: a detached man without qualities. He wants to write, so his mother gives him a ticket to Bonn, telling him to live. On the train he meets an older man, an athlete in the 1936 Olympics, and his mute teen companion, Mignon…

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The Wrong Move Diarahkan oleh Wim Wenders
The Germany of Wrong Move looks like the present more than today’s films set in the 1970s feel like the ‘70s. It’s not just the fashions but the attitudes — the sense of aimlessness and the search for meaning in a fallen world — that resemble our time. Wenders and Handke repudiate Goethe’s Romanticism, yet the film feels brighter and clearer than films today, like the air in the mountains where Wilhelm ends up.
August 12, 2016
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The Road Trilogy was made by a young filmmaker extending his reach, his resources, achieving early maturity and mastery. It’s extremely rare to find movies this open-ended and assured, lucid and lyrical, tender and truthful, anchored in the here and now yet timeless. They are brimming with a sense of shared adventure.
June 04, 2016
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As the writer gropes for the language he can’t speak, the filmmaker reports about travel, love, loss, even, against all the odds and the spirit of a script he is meant to follow, the excitement of carrying on, being alive. That is, Wenders, while keeping his old friend’s script intact, balances its ruthlessness, its despair, with virtuoso filmmaking, with a road movie that traces heart lines through a country that is broken and haunted but still often stunning.
June 01, 2016
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