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Till We Meet Again

Ashita kuru Hito

Diarahkan oleh Yûzô Kawashima
Jepun, 1955


Sonejiro hidup hanya untuk membuat kaji selidik. Yachiyo suri rumah yang muda dan dia kecewa dengan suaminya Kappei yang lebih suka mendaki gunung dan meminati perempuan lain. Suatu hari, ayah Yachiyo dan Sonejiro diperkenalkan. Tiba-tiba, kebahagiaan hidup masing-masing terancam.

Till We Meet Again Diarahkan oleh Yûzô Kawashima

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  • Jason's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    You will note that TILL WE MEET AGAIN credits a certain Shôhei Imamura as assistant director. Hannah Arrendt said that romantic love unworlds. The Japanese cinema has routinely seen married couples reworlded after the romantic spell wears off. Ozu and Naruse had already been down that road, sure, but Kawashima's sophistication (at the levels both of cinematic language and worlding) seems like a genuine intervention.

  • jb666's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    Here again we see Kawashima plowing a plot that forbids its young protagonists a happy-end but rather tips them into open-ended personal journeys in expense of tradition and immediate economic gains. Even ratified by a representative of bourgeois as long-term investment, it is interesting to see this glorification of individualism being suggested as a receipt for building a "complete" society, a western influence.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    Resorting to two major metaphors (climbing and researching -which, essentially, amount to the same thing), Kawashima's solid melodrama conjures -from the first to the final shots- human character's laborious attempt to balance the logic of the heart to community norms. Yamamura's sort of passionless übermensch is an imposing reminder of the Japanese superego, accommodating though room for love, error, recuperation.

  • Steve McGee's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    Wow. Another by Kawashima that's just amazing. One example - to fit the set to the time change in the plot, when folks rush downstairs to find the evening paper, they have to turn a light on to read it well enough.By the way the Japanese title is literally translated as 'the tomorrow-coming person' - person of the future? Similar introspection to Ozu's films.

  • Korial's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    A truly representative tale of a Japan's post-occupation economic and cultural resurgence, protruded toward a bright future where the search for personal happiness were to become the main value, in open conflict with traditional solidaristic Japanese society. The open-ended finale leaves plenty of space to imagine characters' further emancipation - or detachment - from the community's order.

  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    Romantic melodramas are not usually my thing, unless Sirk or someone is involved. I kept thinking of Ozu's Flavour Of Green Tea Over Rice and the moving yet hopeful depiction of a marriage in crisis. Here I just kept hoping the main couple would divorce and stop making one another so miserable. Some very cute animals (a puppy Spitz and a cat combed by her owner) which have a plot significance but I was bored.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    3,5. PC. Now i can say: it's a crystalline film in its classic language. Although subject to a descriptive fiction, presents many beautiful moments of suspension in which the encounters between characters are sublimated by image and sound - near the end, in a conversation of a couple's separation, there's a dispersion in space that announces, and much, the sparse narrativity that would come to cinema.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Till We Meet Again

    A lovely five pointed love story from director Yuzo Kawashima that reps a shining entry in the melodrama genre. What's interesting is that there is really no villain or antagonist here but some realistic human characters trying to balance love and personal fulfillment and desire.

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