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Universal Horror

Diarahkan oleh Kevin Brownlow
United Kingdom, 1998
Dokumentari, Seram


A documentary about the era of classic monster movies that were made at Universal Studios during the 1930s.

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Universal Horror Diarahkan oleh Kevin Brownlow

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  • nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Universal Horror

    Kevin Brownlow is one of the pre-eminent figures on the history of cinema.His works include definitive books and films on silent Hollywood,Griffith,Chaplin and Keaton,to name but a few.Whilst "Universal Horror"may not be one of his best works,it is a fascinating account of the Universal Horror Classics of the 1930's.Giving some insight into their origins,making of and influences,through clips and revealing interviews

  • John Matrix's rating of the film Universal Horror

    Nothing particularly exhaustive, but a nice, informative overview of most of Universal's major contributions to horror. There is a good balance of footage from the films, interviews with talking heads, and your typical Ken Burns panning over photographs. The best bits are the quick but insightful considerations of the studio's lesser known productions, like The Black Cat and The Raven.

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