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Up, Down, Fragile

Haut bas fragile

Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette
Perancis, Switzerland, 1995
Komedi, Muzikal, Misteri


The adventures of three young women in a hot and lazy Paris in summer. The action is commented by songs and dance routines.

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Up, Down, Fragile Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette

Ulasan pengkritik

What’s fascinating in this film is the way the characters circle around each other and position themselves in expectation, not only in the dance numbers but in the film as a whole… The difference between that moment of transition in classic musicals is that there it would last a few seconds, a few gestures, while unsurprisingly Rivette takes his time. He lets you see the magic tricks that classic cinema allowed to seem seamless.
July 10, 2016
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[…Rivette] knows MGM musicals like the back of his hand. But he doesn’t express his knowledge in specific homages or references the way an American cinephile normally would. For Rivette this knowledge is precious because it enhances and poeticizes real life, not because it offers an alternative or escape. Consequently the movie has a documentary roughness — a respect for real durations, for moments that are empty as well as full — that would have been unthinkable in a 50s MGM musical.
July 26, 1996
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