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Diarahkan oleh Bette Gordon
Amerika Syarikat, United Kingdom, 1983
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  • Bahasa Inggeris


Christine, a bright and unassuming young woman, takes a job selling tickets at a porno theater near Times Square. Instead of distancing herself from the dark and erotic nature of this milieu, Christine soon develops an obsession that begins to consume her life.

Ulasan kami

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting Bette Gordon’s trailblazing New York indie. Ingeniously inverting Taxi Driver, it’s a brilliant story of a woman trying to find meaning (and a livelihood) in a lonely life in a grimy city. One of the best evocations of New York put to film.

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Ulasan pengkritik

Gordon crafts a rich, subaltern world, whose deep neon contrasts become a metaphor for Christine’s self-empowerment, wrestling for recognition.
August 07, 2019
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Christine’s power as a woman in this space is that she’s asserting her body’s right to exist among men, and in that regard it’s one of the most deeply layered, complex pictures in the wake of women moving into the workforce.
July 17, 2018
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Bette Gordon’s singular 1983 film Variety goes beyond being a mere document of its era, calling into question representation of desire and filmmaking conventions that persist to this day… Probing but never didactic, Gordon’s film is a unique feminist thought experiment that doubles as love letter to Fear City–era New York.
March 02, 2016
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