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Diarahkan oleh Anna Biller
Amerika Syarikat, 2007
Komedi, Erotik


A suburban housewife in 1972 is abandoned by her husband, and goes out to find herself in the middle of the swinging Playboy-era sexual revolution. Looking for love and adventure, she explores nudist colonies, orgies, prostitution, bisexuality, and bohemia.

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Viva Diarahkan oleh Anna Biller

Ulasan pengkritik

An interesting curiosity, but a bit long for my taste (at 120 minutes, longer than any ‘70s soft-core flick that I’m aware of), and perhaps not sufficiently aware of its own grotesqueness to qualify as either a critical commentary on its elected genre or as a wholly convincing entry in that genre.
December 01, 2007
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  • Brandon's rating of the film Viva

    The best movie that I've stumbled across on Mubi. Beautiful film with a lot to say under the delightfully campy surface. Extremely well exectued

  • SeventiesSinema's rating of the film Viva

    A dazzling construction with colors to peel your eyelids. A sharp, scintillating intelligence partaking of the liberating power inherent in disreputable genres and thus liberating her heroine. Since this is a serious film it is seriously funny. Camp is a cop out, but this is not camp!

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Viva

    This is really fun, an homage to 70's "titty movies" or something like that. I was wondering whatever happened to Anna Biller, I almost forgot about her-it turns out she has a new film in the works after a 9-year hiatus! I don't want to know what she has been doing inbetween.....

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Viva

    Certainly I can see the argument that "Viva" might have been more effective at a shorter runtime, but spending two hours inhabiting Anna Biller's retro world goes a long way to establishing the film's level of verisimilitude. There are no seams to discover here: production design, camera movement, and soundtrack alike completely sell you on Biller's vision of one woman's so-called liberation in the swinging 70's.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film Viva

    This is homage with a capital H. It takes some time to get used to Biller's stilted acting, but her vision and craft here is amazing. Without a hint of self aware humour or ironic winks, she recreated the vibe of the 70s skin flicks with some subtle gender politics punches underneath it. Also it had hands down the most amazing orgy scene I've ever watched.

  • Chichago_'s rating of the film Viva

    The musical numbers are cringe worthy, but the film is beautifully filled with 70s porn vibes; including costumes, ways of acting, and music. Oh, Anna Biller somehow reminds me of a young Kimora Lee Simmons.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Viva

    Anna Biller's tongue in cheek homage to 70's erotica films is quite novel but fails to sustain a two hour runtime. The intentional over and under acting and the wonderful kitschy set design and costumes are amusing for the first half but flogs the dead horse after awhile. There are some quite wonderful scenes here and there (especially the nudist camp) and one has to admire the director's attention to detail.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Viva

    Everything that works for this smart commentary and amusing sendup is what eventually becomes tiresome. Dropping a half hour from the run time would keep Viva fresh and allow one to revel in all the meticulous aspects so masterfully pulled off, including the pitch perfect bad acting! The costumes and set designs are outstanding and the characters and script are a hoot. Viva's just too much, slang intended. 3.5 stars

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