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Wake of the Red Witch

Diarahkan oleh Edward Ludwig
Amerika Syarikat, 1948
Pengembaraan, Cinta, Aksi


During the 1860s in the South Pacific, Capt. Ralls, skipper of the Red Witch, has a series of adventures involving sunken gold bullion, pearls, natives, an unscrupulous ship owner and a giant octopus.

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Wake of the Red Witch Diarahkan oleh Edward Ludwig

Ulasan pengkritik

Wayne played a number of morally ambiguous characters throughout his career, but he didn’t get many movies that foreground a love story as much as this one. Rall’s passion for Angelique (and Wayne’s chemistry with Russell) drives what is a romantic tragedy as much as an adventure story. (“Underrated” is what Wayne biographer Scott Eyman calls Wake.)
August 07, 2018
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Wayne brings his usual athleticism to the part, especially in a well-staged battle with a giant octopus, but it brings him no satisfaction or resolution. It is in the haunting finale, with his scuba mask filling with water, that Ralls recognizes a way out. He can reunite with Angelique in the last few seconds before death, remembering when he once had a future.
June 03, 2014
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…It stands as an eccentric, haunting work, one that also made a contribution to Wayne’s transformation, but which traffics in elements of gothic fantasy and lyricism not often associated with Wayne’s personality… Though Ludwig was an uneven filmmaker… there are enough other moments of morbid splendor in his work to suggest that “Red Witch” was no fluke.
May 31, 2013
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