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We Need to Talk About Kevin

Diarahkan oleh Lynne Ramsay
United Kingdom, Amerika Syarikat, 2011
Drama, Misteri, Jenayah


Eva puts her career aside to give birth to Kevin. The relationship between mother and son is difficult from the very first years. Two days before his sixteenth birthday, Kevin goes on a horrific rampage in his school. After the event, Eva grapples with her own feelings of grief and responsibility.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin Diarahkan oleh Lynne Ramsay

Ulasan pengkritik

Ramsay leans full-throttle into her predispositions toward introspective horror; there’s a vivid sense of the traumatic undercurrent of being indirectly responsible for a catastrophic event. The idea of lingering trauma is one few horror movies truly reckon with, but it’s in this film front-and-center.
April 02, 2018
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It’s a dazzling dirge, and this time I clung even more desperately to its one mysterious, destabilizing interlude: Kevin’s sudden tender affection for Eva when he gets sick. But the faint echo in the film’s closing scene, as he awaits transfer to prison proper, just wasn’t enough, and I was set adrift once again.
June 10, 2012
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It tears this figure [motherhood] apart, not so much to critique it from some high-political distance, but so as to return us to the magma of every individual human being who has to cope with this world: the abject deposits and fluids, the niggly neuroses, the interrupted discharges, the aborted circuits of interrelationship. More than any 3D movie past or present, Ramsay creates an immersive cinema.
March 01, 2012
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