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Without Dowry


Kesatuan Soviet, 1936
Drama, Cinta


Ogudolova, unlike her sisters, refuses to obey her mother’s wish that she marry a wealthy old man in order to collect a dowry. She falls in love with a dashing scoundrel who betrays her in about sixty minutes, leaving the waters of the Volga as her solution.

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Without Dowry Diarahkan oleh Yakov Protazanov, Aleksandr Rou

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  • Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Without Dowry

    Protazanov's career lasted from the pre-Soviet era (he filmed the ancient Leo Tolstoy on Tolstoy's estate) to after the war. This is based on an Ostrovsky play set in the 19th century: the most beautiful girl in town is desired by every man but falls for a dashing rogue. Strikingly shot - visible even in the beat-up version I saw - it expertly packs a proud young woman's decline and fall into a brisk eighty minutes.

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