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Written on the Wind

Diarahkan oleh Douglas Sirk
Amerika Syarikat, 1956


Bathed in lurid Technicolor, melodrama maestro Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind is the stylishly debauched tale of a Texas oil magnate brought down by the excesses of his spoiled offspring. Features an all-star quartet that includes Robert Stack, Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson and Dorothy Malone.

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Written on the Wind Diarahkan oleh Douglas Sirk

Anugerah & Pesta

Academy Awards

1957 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Actress in a Supporting Role

1957 | 2 anugerah termasuk: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Golden Globes (USA)

1957 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Supporting Actress



The suddenly more shocking colors, loud music [. . . are] wonderfully effective, but the following scene of Marylee and Mitch riding in her car against a back projection screen takes it down a notch—relative to the previous scene, the dialogue is almost reflective and both actors impressively restrained in their ways, linking the film back to the more quiet, however dramatic, earlier scenes with Mitch, Lucy and Kyle.
April 09, 2018
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Forbidden romance, in all its color-coded meticulousness, propels Todd Haynes’s Carol, but it belongs to Sirk. Written on the Wind is, perhaps, the most realized execution of the once-lambasted weepie-monger’s flair. While laughably campy (especially in its archaic sexual subtext), the film circles the very fragility of artifice; everything perfectly arranged must crumble.
December 23, 2015
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Sirk’s most full-blossomed achievement may well be his 1956 film “Written on the Wind”… His vision of the self-consuming whirlwind is anchored by a still and unshakeable philosophical center, even if, in “Written on the Wind,” finding it is a narrative version of “Where’s Waldo?” Yet that very elusiveness of originary inspiration is itself part of Sirk’s ironic genius.
December 17, 2015
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