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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Zerzura

    An incredible odyssey through a majestic landscape, filled with magic, sorcerers, and thugs; accompanied by an awesome soundtrack. There are some epic scenes - especially memorable are the ones with the main character wandering through the desert with the sun in the frame. Some other ones - the final showdown, for example, beg for a slightly higher production value.

  2. Franz's rating of the film Zerzura

    sindbad the sailor meets raymond depardon meets pasolini meets the music and culture of the touareg. straightforward story telling, archaic imagery, authenticity... the images and the sounds and the slow pace (sometimes I fell asleep) and final magical climax burned into my memory. I know that because scenes cropped up repeatedly days after I saw it. good and rare stuff

  3. Alex's rating of the film Zerzura

    Loved this. And it gets a bonus star for anti-capitalist sentiment and for the awesome joke at the end of the credits.

  4. Spezialle_K's rating of the film Zerzura

    Watched this on an iPad, sitting under the stars on a Greek island, in real life and what an experience this film was to go with that. Gave me the shivers and a warm feeling in equal measure. If you like out there, original and surreal experiences, you’ll get on with this. Magic.

  5. Jannis-Emmanuel's rating of the film Zerzura

    In this remarkable 84 minute feature length ethno-fiction film one can see the influence of directors like Jarmusch and Jodorowski. It documents the psychedelic journey of a young touareg through the vast landscapes of the Saharan desert in vibrant cinematography and an original score reminiscent of Neil Young's work in Dead Man. The minimalistic plot is rich in surreal imagery and bizarre encounters.

  6. I.Camera's rating of the film Zerzura

    Zerzura has several amateurish moments, but is visually extraordinary, as a Taureg man journeys into a shamanic desert in search of the West African lost city of Z. Complete with sorcerers, ghosts and more contemporary threats, Zerzura reflects the mushroom-drenched cults that supposedly once dwelt in the Saharan region. Kirkley relies on the sun-scorched desert for much of the film's surreal cinematographic effect.

  7. tubbssw's rating of the film Zerzura

    A road movie without a road and where you are transported along by a superb soundtrack.

  8. eggshells's rating of the film Zerzura

    this lame soundtrack made me suicidal

  9. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Zerzura

    A bluesy soundtrack and a stark landscape. If only it had better cinematography, this could've been the next Paris, Texas. The film highlights all of the Swiss artist Not Vital's work in Agadez, Niger.

  10. Francisca's rating of the film Zerzura

  11. m00nJaguar's rating of the film Zerzura

    This film is from Niger, in the Sahel, the dry lands where the Sahara meets the desert cultures of black Africa. A low-budget fable, it mixes elements of the traditional with modernity. One of the best features is its great "Desert Blues" soundtrack, some music featuring ethnic electric guitars (like Tinawiren), other more tribal. More valuable as a cultural & geographic journey than as cinematic art, but enjoyable.

  12. BUTTAUD's rating of the film Zerzura

    Des belles images, une belle musique, un beau conte. Juste des effets spéciaux peu fluides.

  13. Superfrog's rating of the film Zerzura

    De la belle musique, de la belle photo, mais ça n'avance pas.