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Sun Song

Joel Wanek Amerika Syarikat, 2013

A poetic journey from the darkness of dawn into the brightness of the midday sun in the American South. Filmed over the course of six months on one bus route in Durham, North Carolina, Sun Song is a celebration of light and a meditation on leaving.

As Long as Shotguns Remain

Jonathan Vinel, Caroline Poggi Perancis, 2014

This Golden Bear winning short film is a crime-drama-meets-indie-ghost-story(!), with its own irresistibly peculiar way of looking at the world. Set in a suffocating suburban setting, its story might unravel like a video game, yet its emotions are deeply anchored to reality.

The Factory

Aly Muritiba Brazil, 2011

The space of a jail is portrayed with gritty yet striking aesthetics in this Brazilian short film, from which shines the bright humanism that lies at its core. The Factory depicts the relationship between a mother and son, and the intricate machinations needed to provide justice within the prison.

Living Still Life

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2012

The 2nd short preceding Bertrand Mandico’s The Wild Boys is another succinct, phantasmagoric contraption of dreamlike rhythm’s and logic (or lack thereof!). Living Still Life revives and even queers the inspiration of Andrei Tarkovsky and his philosophy of “sculpting in time” to perfect effect.


Prehistoric Cabaret

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2013

Sewaan MUBI

Arnarstrapi, Iceland. In a Cabaret, a woman master of ceremonies performs an esoteric coloscopy act with a strange organic camera.


Our Lady of Hormones

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2014

Sewaan MUBI

Our Lady of Hormones goes into the surreal and fantastic realm of two actresses lost in a magical land where a strange, ugly object of pleasure rules.

From the Reports of Security Guards & Patrol Services No.1

Helke Sander Jerman Barat, 1985

Renowned German filmmaker Helke Sander recounts the following true story: with her two small children, a woman heads to a construction yard…

Two Ships

Justine Triet Perancis, 2012

Sebelum Sibyl yang membawa dia ke Pesta Filem Cannes, pengarah Perancis muda Justine Triet (In Bed With Victoria) pertama kali meninggalkan genre dokumentari dengan filem pendek ini yang memenangi anugerah: drama komedi yang lucu tentang kehidupan malam di bandar dan dibintangi Laetitia Dosch.

Vulgar Fractions

Peter Bo Rappmund Amerika Syarikat, 2011

This short film by the contemporary American landscape documentarian explores—through close ups, field recordings, and single frames—the distinctive textures and rhythms of nature. An evocative, otherworldly exploration of landscape which opens our eyes to the ordinary in the extraordinary.

Land of My Dreams

Yann Gonzalez Portugal, 2012

After many years of absence, Bianca and her mother meet again in Porto. Together, they will hit the road with their stripping show, running after lost time, impossible love and strange fantasies…


Apichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand, 2012

Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul was challenged to make a short film with the unique hand-cranked film camera, the LomoKino. The result, Ashes, is something strange and special: part sideshow, part movie, part diary—all cinema.


Michael Almereyda Amerika Syarikat, 2012

A photographer shares unpublished images chronicling time spent among the ‘fiercely independent’ residents of a remote English fishing village.

Apocalypse After

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2018

The oneiric world of director Bertrand Mandico (The Wild Boys) is fueled with overflowing female desire, erotic creatures and lavish landscapes, all scintillating with resplendent colors. A film-within-a-film set during the production of a fantasy movie is a delight for all the senses!

Strange Says the Angel

Shalimar Preuss Perancis, 2017

Seven-year-old Nina cannot be her aunt’s daughter. Nor can she be her father’s lover. In this world threatened by contamination, what then is Nina’s place?

The Staggering Girl

Luca Guadagnino Itali, 2019

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The Italian director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) collaborated with Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, for this short film. With a star-laden cast and score by Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Staggering Girl unfolds with the mysteriousness of a dream, sumptuous and elusive.


Chloé Robichaud Canada, 2019

Winner of Best Canadian Short Film at TIFF, this moving short from director Chloé Robichaud (Sarah Prefers to Run) evocatively captures the sensitive tensions of teenage society. Succinctly probing the politics at play in school, the film holds a mirror to the ways society can resemble adolescence.


Depressive Cop

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2015

Sewaan MUBI

On a Scottish island, a depressive police investigates the disappearance of a girl. The mournful mother is responsible for the disappearance of the inhabitants of the island.


Y a-t-il une vierge encore vivante?

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2015

Sewaan MUBI

According to an English legend, Joan of Arc did not die at the stake. Her eyes were burned and she was deflowered by an English stallion. She was then condemned to wander on the battlefield, like a scavenger, on the lookout for life, in search of virgins still alive.

For You I Will Fight

Rachel Lang Belgium, 2010

We follow a girl, at the end of the adolescence, Ana, who does not know any more who she is and what she wants, but who chooses to fight, to arm herself, and who finds in the group, in the discipline, and sometimes even in the alienation, a stand to be.

White Turnips Make It Hard to Sleep

Rachel Lang Belgium, 2011

1. Find a reassuring explanation for a bout of sleeplessness: the eating of white turnips; 2. Observe the mechanisms of passion; 3. escape inadequate ideas. It’s the story of a breakup.

The Pawnshop

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1916

Charlie competes with his fellow shop assistant. He is fired by the pawnbroker and rehired. He nearly destroys everything in the shop and and himself. He helps capture a burglar. He destroys a client’s clock while examining it in detail.


Suzan Pitt Amerika Syarikat, 1979

A landmark work in experimental surrealist animation, Suzan Pitt’s short has more ideas than even some features! Brilliantly mixing hand-drawn animation with stop-motion, Asparagus is resplendent with evocative ideas on femininity, interiority, and the body. A truly singular piece of cinema.

Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections

Jonas Mekas Amerika Syarikat, 1990

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A career-spanning chronicle of one of Jonas Mekas’ contemporaries: the American artist Andy Warhol. In diaries between 1962 and 1982, Mekas captures his everyday life, celebrity, and friends, among them: The Velvet Underground, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The Floorwalker

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1916

A department store manager and his floorwalker (a dead ringer for Charlie Chaplin) plan to embezzle the store’s money. When Chaplin himself wanders in, chaos ensues.


Three Cheers for the Whale

Mario Ruspoli, Chris Marker Perancis, 1972

Sewaan MUBI

Three Cheers for the Whale chronicles the history of mankind’s relationship with the largest and most majestic of marine mammals, and graphically exposes their slaughter by the fishing industry.

One A.M.

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1916

After a night on the town, Charlie comes home to the house where he is staying, drunk and unable to find his key. For the next twenty minutes he staggers into, out of, and through the house in an inebriated confrontation with the house itself.

Mughal-E-Azam (Color Version)

K. Asif India, 2004

A milestone in Indian cinema, this Shakespearean drama based on a play by Urdu playwright Imtiaz Ali Taj is alive with vibrant themes and startling color. Its dialogue is nothing short of poetic and its settings and characters are vividly imagined. An absolute gem of a film!

Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid Amerika Syarikat, 1943

A landmark short film from the godmother of the American avant-garde, Maya Deren. No other film describes the illogic mystery of dreams quite like this one—its miraculous images are potent enough to find a way into your own dreamscape.

A Song of Love

Jean Genet Perancis, 1950

The controversial writer and outcast Jean Genet made only one film in his lifetime yet its impact on underground and independent filmmakers has been incalculable. This sexually graphic and profoundly liberating work, which was infamously declared obscene, is a poetic paean to homoerotic desire.

Outer Space

Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 1999

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A key film from the Austrian avant-garde, Outer Space re-appropriates footage from Sidney J. Furie’s The Entity into a maelstrom of images—a destruction of narrative norms, and an outright violation of traditional cinematic space.

Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 2005

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Austrian avant-garde master Peter Tscherkassky’s this brilliantly assaultive Cinemascope short. Using maniacally artisanal analog methods, he turns Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly into a black & white celluloid action spectacular.

The Adventurer

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1917

Chaplin plays an escaped convict on the run from prison guards. He falls into favor with a wealthy family after he saves a young lady (Edna Purviance) from drowning, but her suitor (Eric Campbell) does everything he can to have Chaplin apprehended by the law.

The Immigrant

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1917

Poignant and entertaining, The Immigrant has everything we love about Charlie Chaplin on display: his inimitable physical comedy, filmmaking skill, and sharp social commentary. One of the most beloved short films from one of cinema’s greatest artists.

Easy Street

Charlie Chaplin Amerika Syarikat, 1917

After signing with Mutual in 1916—with an unheard-of salary and his own studio!—Charlie Chaplin continued his artistic surge, and Easy Street is one of his best loved short films of this period, tart with comic invention.


Mati Diop Perancis, 2009

Niece of the Senegalese auteur Djibril Diop Mambéty (Touki Bouki), luminous actress Mati Diop (35 Shots of Rum) has blossomed into a beautiful director. This, her atmospheric, dreamlike debut short film, is rich with suppressed histories and emotions.

Boro in the Box

Bertrand Mandico Perancis, 2011

Bertrand Mandico (The Wild Boys) defied all expectations of the genre with his surreal and captivating biopic of the Polish filmmaker Walerian Borowczyk. A fictionalized account of Borowczyk’s life, Boro in the Box is an elliptical paean to his singularly provocative cinema.

Sullivan's Banks

Heinz Emigholz Jerman, 2000

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From preeminent documentarian Heinz Emigholz’s marvelously contemplative “Architecture as Autobiography” series, exploring some of the 20th century’s most important architects by using the camera to reveal the buildings that define their art.

Maillart's Bridges

Heinz Emigholz Jerman, 2000

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From his “Architecture as Autobiography” series, Heinz Emigholz travels through Switzerland to discover the play of weight, structure, and composition that makes the concrete bridge constructions designed in the first half of the 20th century by Robert Maillart so unique.


Raj Kapoor India, 1973

The son of a wealthy industrialist, Raj falls in love with Bobby, the daughter of a Christian fisherman, but their contrasting positions in society – and opposition from their parents – act as a barrier to their love.

Less and Less

Luc Moullet Perancis, 2010

Less and Less, Luc Moullet’s 40th film, concerns development and expansion, from 1968 to 2010, of the devices based on computers, automats, interactive terminals and others that can be found everywhere.



Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 1985

Sewaan MUBI

A tangled network woven with tiny particles of movements broken out of found footage and compiled anew: the elements of the “to the left, to the right, back and forth” grammar of narrative space, discharged from all semantic burden.


The Arrival

Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 1999

Sewaan MUBI

A white screen. Tabula rasa. Panavision. L’arrivée shines on you like pure projected light, like the white surface still waiting for the marks of the film maker.


Miniatures: Many Berlin Artists in Hoisdorf

Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 1983

Sewaan MUBI

An experimental examination of a weekend in June 1983. During what was deemed a “country outing,” several Berlin artists went to a small village in Schleswig-Holstein to give the local residents a taste of Berlin’s avant-garde.


Motion Picture (Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory)

Peter Tscherkassky Perancis, 1984

Sewaan MUBI

In the darkroom, 50 unexposed film strips were laid across a surface, upon which a frame of La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière was projected to create a new kind of film…

Dream Work

Peter Tscherkassky Austria, 2001

Boleh disewakan

From Peter Tscherkassky, a major figure in contemporary avant-garde cinema, Dream Work another clever play with old CinemaScope footage. Copying it frame by frame by hand, he forces the images to achieve the fevered quality of dreams found in Surrealism and the nightmares of David Lynch.

The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra

Slavko Vorkapić, Robert Florey Amerika Syarikat, 1928

The film tells the story of a man who comes to Hollywood to become a star, only to fail and be dehumanized. He is identified by the number 9413 written on his forehead, after which he dies and goes to Heaven, where the number is removed.

Strim Filem Yang Dipilih Khas

Dari klasik cult sehingga karya agung moden. Dari pengarah terbaru, sampailah yang termasyhur. Pendekkan masa mencari-cari filem hebat, dan panjangkan masa menonton filem hebat.