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Hitchcock Talkies
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Diarahkan oleh Alfred Hitchcock
United Kingdom, 1929
Jenayah, Seram
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  • Bahasa Inggeris
Hitchcock Talkies


Alice has a fight with her boyfriend, Frank, a detective, and decides to go out with another man. Whey they get to his flat, he attacks her and she defends herself and kills him. Frank investigates the case and realizes Alice is the culprit, but so has someone else, and blackmail is threatened.

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Hitchcock made his first (and indeed Britain’s first!) sound film with this 1929 talkie. Initially shot as a silent, Hitch notably shot new scenes to refashion the film for the times. Thus emerges a remarkable aesthetic curio—a darkly nuanced tale of female survival amidst the evils of male deceit.

Blackmail Diarahkan oleh Alfred Hitchcock Tonton sekarang
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Blackmail astounds in how The Master of Suspense was never hobbled by technical innovations; rather, they would continue to help him make a noise visually… Inside and out, Blackmail remains a monument for manipulation.
March 30, 2016
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A Teutonic experiment in ambiguity and an astringent comedy of wandering relationships, Alfred Hitchcock’s first talkie offers scene upon scene of ingenious synergy of camera and meaning… Langian hands, outstretched lifelessly and accusatorily; predator and prey as society’s shifting roles, the arrival of sound as the eager stabbing of silence.
February 17, 2014
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Apart from two suspenseful set pieces—an attempted date rape in an artist’s studio that ends with the murder of the artist-rapist, and a chase through the British Museum, Hitchcock’s first giddy desecration of a national monument—what most impresses is the masterful movement back and forth between subjective and objective modes of storytelling, as well as the pungent uses of diverse London settings.
January 01, 1990
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