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Diarahkan oleh David Mackenzie
Amerika Syarikat, 2009
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  • Bahasa Inggeris


A modern tale of morality, director David Mackenzie’s stylish sex comedy centers on the exploits of a Los Angeles gigolo working his way to infamy one mattress at a time.

Ulasan kami

An incisive look into the worst, most vacuous pockets of L.A. culture, Spread immerses one in the world of a never-better Ashton Kutcher as a shallow Lothario on the prowl—that is, until he meets his mirror image in Margarita Levieva. A remarkable oddity pitched halfway between satire and sincerity.

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There’s nothing novel about Spread’s take on vapid materialism and sunny L.A. smarm, but its artful classicism creates more of a sense of insight into how its characters think and behave than most movies with more nominally fleshed-out relationships ever do. And, in playing a pathetic lothario whose eye-and-arm-candy value is rapidly dwindling, Kutcher gives what’s easily the best and most authentic performance of his career.
June 14, 2016
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