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Wim Wenders in America


German cinema’s poet of modern loneliness, Wim Wenders has always traveled the world in order to encompass our shared displacement. An illustrious career filled with masterpieces naturally results in some films left behind. Thus we highlight two of Wenders’ underestimated sojourns to America, one which found him collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola’s doomed private studio American Zoetrope, and the other inspired the ire of Mel Gibson, who attempted to block its release. Despite the contentious productions, Wenders’ peerless vision, with its palpable concern for outsiders, nonetheless shines through.

The Million Dollar Hotel

Wim Wenders Jerman, 2000

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Wim Wenders in America

In a unique, unlikely partnership, Wim Wenders and U2’s Bono collaborate for The Million Dollar Hotel: a playful off-beat murder mystery and Los Angeles-set ensemble drama, for which the latter contributed music and the former won a Silver Bear at the Berlinale. An eccentric, energetic curiosity.


Wim Wenders Amerika Syarikat, 1982

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Wim Wenders in America

Paris, Texas is known far and wide, but what of Wim Wenders’ other films produced in America? Hammett found Wenders in a contentious collaboration with Francis Coppola. The result? A flawed yet completely alluring neo-noir about the intrigues of Dashiell Hammett’s life as a detective-writer.

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