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Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Days of Heaven
    Best Cinematography

    Days of Heaven

  2. Høstsonaten
  3. Interiors
  4. Detroit - Avdeling 291
    2. Plass: Best Music

    Detroit - Avdeling 291

  5. Pretty Baby
    2. Plass: Best Cinematography

    Pretty Baby

  6. Coming Home
  7. An Unmarried Woman
    Best Screenplay

    An Unmarried Woman

  8. The Buddy Holly Story

    The Buddy Holly Story

  9. California Suite
    Best Actress

    California Suite

  10. Comes a Horseman

    Comes a Horseman

  11. Stevie
    Best Supporting Actress


  12. Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
    Best Supporting Actor

    Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?

  13. Movie Movie
  14. A Dream of Passion
    3. Plass: Best Actress

    A Dream of Passion

  15. Madame Rosa
    Best Foreign Film

    Madame Rosa

  16. A Slave of Love
    3. Plass: Best Foreign Film

    A Slave of Love