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Regissert av Pier Paolo Pasolini
Italia, 1961


Vittorio Accattone has never worked a day in his life, and has apparently made a good living prostituting his female companion, Maddalena. But her arrest begins his decline; hungry, he begs from churches…

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Accattone Regissert av Pier Paolo Pasolini

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The protagonist alternately resembles a parasitic apostle and a self-mortifying Brando lump, he mentions “providence” and like Belmondo in Breathless locates his crucifixion in the gutter. (“There’s neither heaven nor hell,” declares Pasolini, only Dante’s purgatorio.) Asui generis cinematic language of intensely conflicting forces, rough and delicate and fully worthy of its Bach chorales, a virtual film school for Bertolucci, Parajanov, Abel Ferrara, and Gus Van Sant.
February 10, 2012
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