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Regissert av Paul Schrader
USA, 1997
Drama, Thriller, Mysterie


A deeply troubled small town cop investigates a suspicious hunting death while events occur that cause him to mentally disintergrate.

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Affliction Regissert av Paul Schrader

Tildelinger & Festivaler

Academy Awards

1999 | Vinner: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1999 | Nominert: Best Actor in a Leading Role

Independent Spirit Awards

1999 | 6 nominasjoner inkludert: Best Feature

Schrader has always been better as a writer and a critic than as a dramatist, which is why his most successful work has either been published in film journals or directed by Martin Scorsese. His flat, awkward staging diminishes some good performances—particularly those of Nolte and a welcome Sissy Spacek—and Willem Dafoe’s leaden narration underlines each theme with a magic marker.
April 04, 2002
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Overwrought metaphors abound (a tooth aches to be pulled), yet Affliction is, nonetheless, a film that haunts. At the heart of the film is a pained performance by Nolte, whose Wade suffers fools gladly as he toils through a snowy landscape crumbling beneath his feet.
August 17, 2001
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Because most of the acting is authentic and powerful (especially that of Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, and Jim True), the source (a Russell Banks novel) is more than respectable, and the subject—an all-around fuckup (Nolte) in a dying New England town becomes even more fucked-up—and winter setting are unrelentingly grim, one has to admire writer-director Paul Schrader for having the guts to make this picture. But I found it more punishing than edifying.
January 29, 1999
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  • J. O.'s rating of the film Affliction

    A powerful film that plays with the existence of hatred and revenge as it exists in a man's memory and delusion (or, in fact or story, as Dafoe's character puts it). Schrader does an incredible job crafting the story about generations of abuse and Nolte really sells his character's descent into paranoia and aggression. The beautiful camera work and snowy landscapes captured the quiet violence of the story.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Affliction

    This is one intense and bleak film and perhaps Scharder's most powerful. The film has the look and feel of a film noir in the snow. Nick Nolte gives the performance of his career and James Coburn is at his most sinister and disgusting here. A film without hope that will stay with you long after you experience it. The epitome of feel bad cinema.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Affliction

    As the Patriarchy Crumbles... Loved the daughter. She speaks her mind, and doesn't wear princess clothes. Excellent performances from Nick Nolte and Sissy Spacek. Not such a great story in the end, as I never sympathized with Nolte's character enough that his downfall felt terrible. He was yet another lumbering giant, wildly grasping for a way to survive the pain of life. I prefer Schrader's "Blue Collar."

  • Cinematic's rating of the film Affliction

    Good, but not that good. It could have been an outstanding drama or a gripping thriller, but it goes lurching from one to another without giving the best of both.

  • FISCHER's rating of the film Affliction

    Discrètement, Paul Schrader parvient à capter l'univers de Russell Banks et à construire le portrait émouvant d'un personnage finement interprété par Nick Nolte...

  • Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Affliction

    Spoiler. Initially I expected the "weary detective"" trope, slowly solving the murder, and I did anxiously wait for that part of the story to evolve. It doesn't. The movie almost plays a prank on the audience believing the case's gonna be solved - a wink and a nod to the clichés of the crime genre. Instead we're treated with a claustrophobic portrait of small town where there's no escaping.

  • David R Williams's rating of the film Affliction

    Strong performances all around with a special nod to James Coburn unfortunately hampered by a mostly paint by numbers story further hampered by a voice over that tries to be film noir but fails miserably. For all that glad I finally got around to watching this but came away feeling a bit disappointed.

  • Brian's rating of the film Affliction

    Affliction, is a interesting film that really makes viewers think. Nick Nolte is a class A actor that plays the role of a washed-up cop, has a hard time working on his case due to his troubled past. James Coburn is another fantastic actor, plays the father who is rather abusive to his son Nolte's character. The film follows this trouble past cop who detaches himself from the people around him. it's well developed.

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