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Belle de jour

Regissert av Luis Buñuel
Frankrike, Italia, 1967
Fantasy, Drama


En vakker husmor i Paris med en sadomasochistisk fantasi begynner som prostituert i et bordell på ettermiddagen når ektemannen er på jobb.

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Dagens skjønnhet Regissert av Luis Buñuel
Belle de Jour, Luis Buñuel’s coolly outrageous masterpiece (and greatest commercial success), features Catherine Deneuve as a haute bourgeois matron who spends her afternoons working at a respectable, but hardly deluxe, brothel. As flawless as its star, the movie is founded on the great surrealist’s genius for free-associative chitchat and orchestrated Freudian slips, right down to its teasingly open ending.
February 27, 2018
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So much is going on, and yet all of it seems effortless, comfortable in mastery and drollery. The choppiness of the cuts in the opening “dream” sequence is bracing (and reminiscent of the dedication ceremony scene in L’age d’or somehow) but also weirdly sets the film’s fluidity of tone.
January 10, 2015
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I would argue that Belle de Jour is indeed a beautiful film, but not because of any anesthetizing aesthetic of benevolently mindless lyricism. Nor is the film beautiful because its director’s visual style transcends its sordid subject. The beauty of Belle de Jour is the beauty of artistic rigor and adaptable intelligence.
May 09, 1968
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