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Dog Lady

La mujer de los perros

Argentina, 2015
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Ny Argentinsk Film


En eksistensiell fabel om en kvinne som bor med en flokk hunder på kanten av den befolkede verden, med minimal kontakt med andre mennesker. Årstidene kommer og går. Liv og overlevelse, kjærlighet og død.

Vår mening

Dog Lady har den utrolige opptredenen av Verónica Llinás (også med-regissør) som har en mystisk og stille, men mektig tilstedeværelse som utfordrer søylene i samfunnet uten å bruke ord.

Dog Lady Regissert av Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás
The deceptively simple sound design gives Citarella and Llinás’s virtually dialogue-free film not so much an observational feel as a defiant one – the metallic splash of a raindrop against a pan leads to an artificial guitar riff and a basic drum, seemingly out of place in this natural environment.
November 05, 2015
Les hele artikkelen
La mujer de los perros is a quiet experiment of a film that follows a woman who lives in the border of Buenos Aires where the city gives way to nature, forest and loneliness; there she is accompanied by her dogs and we are witness to a year of her life going by. Many plot points are scattered in the movie’s 90 minutes, but all of them are discarded in favor of a poetic tone that brings forward the face of Llinás and the nature of her existence.
June 08, 2015
Les hele artikkelen
Veteran actress Verónica Llinás and director Laura Citarella together create a remarkable documentary-style narrative, which dispenses with verbal communication and lets time in all its bluntness pass by gracefully on screen.
April 17, 2015
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Hva sier folk?

  • forksclovetofu's rating of the film Dog Lady

    It's more than an hour into this mostly-wordless, often-inscrutable story before we catch a rare glimpse of the title character's inner life. Mostly, the film asks us to be content eavesdropping on the equally idyllic and punishing daily survival of Dog Lady and her brood on the rural outskirts. Whether you enjoy the film's powerhouse ending may depend on if that insight is enough for you. It sure was for me.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Dog Lady

    "A se deveni cîine cuiva" înseamnă "A supune și flata cuiva." în limba Japoneză, care este, mă gînd, impertinent dizgrațios pentru cîine. Acestă e un portret puternic al unei femeie care supraviețuiește în logic și lumeă diferită din capitalism omenesc, facîndu-te să reconsiderezi acest cuvînt. // 日本語で“犬になる”とは“誰かに媚びへつらう”というのを意味しているのは、犬に対して恥さらしなほど失礼なことだと思える。今作はその言葉を再考させるような、人間とは別の倫理を以て資本主義とは別の世界を生き抜く、女性の強靭な肖像画なのだ。

  • David R Williams's rating of the film Dog Lady

    The synopsis: "A woman living in exile with a pack of dogs on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She spends her days fixing her shack, foraging for food, and communing with nature." says absolutely nothing about this beautiful, troubling, frustrating, fascinating, heart-breaking mystery of a film. This is why I have MUBI.

  • fearraigh's rating of the film Dog Lady

    Citarella and Llinás wisely decide not to bother too much with plot; the plotting for films of this subject tends to pan out in a very familiar way. What they do produce is an admirably detailed study that is surprisingly moving. Beautiful cinematography that captures the Argentine changes perfectly. Notable too for having an almost entirely female crew.

  • nica's rating of the film Dog Lady

    I truly wish it was as compelling as it could have been. I feel like dark scenes if better lit would have kept my attention more, and I think the fact that the film had to indicate with text what season we were in indicates weakness. We should have just seen it, experienced it more with her.

  • raggiodisole's rating of the film Dog Lady

    Passive and observational take on life on the margins, taking it's time to deliver a meaningful message, but doing it surprisingly well. Did spend most of my time wondering what those dogs ate.

  • Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film Dog Lady

    There are some liberties and romantic views on how this margined woman survives on the peripheries of Buenos Aires suburbs. But the real stroke of genius is how the film captures the unique bond she has with her dogs. Unexpectedly watchable.

  • fmhbsas's rating of the film Dog Lady

    Como contar la sucia vida de una linyera con tanta belleza, simpleza y cariño. la fotografía es hermosa. la actuación de Llinás es impresionante, sin hablar, no hay nada de mas en su interpretación. Esto es la libertad, que ganas de ser ella.