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Dragon Inn

Long men kezhan

Regissert av King Hu
Taiwan, Hongkong S.A.R. Kina, 1967
Action, Eventyr


When the children of an executed General are pursued in 1457 China, some heroic martial arts swordsmen intervene.

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Dragon Inn Regissert av King Hu
While Chang Cheh became known for the violent machismo of his films, Hu always managed to mix in a bit of the supernatural with his rough-and-tumble realism, as in the unforgettable sight in Come Drink with Me of the heroine catching coins with a chopstick. And despite Dragon Inn’s naturalism, Hu delights here in springing surprises on the eye.
July 10, 2018
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The formal strategies wouldn’t be worth scrutinizing, however, if DRAGON INN weren’t one of the most entertaining films of all time. Even before the action takes off, Hu gets you rooting for the good guys and jeering the baddies, setting up the characters and their rivalries with an expert knack for building tension.
July 29, 2016
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Dragon Inn is frankly Sergio-Leonean… The martial arts action has its fair share of wirework and daggers caught with chopsticks, but also long duels captured by an athletic camera and accompanied by an excitable score. It seems, indeed, a momentous artifact.
May 04, 2016
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