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Evil Dead II

Regissert av Sam Raimi
USA, 1987
Grøsser, Komedie, Kult


Ash Williams arrives at a remote cabin with his girlfriend for a romantic sojourn. But when he is the only survivor of an attack by human-possessing demons, he holes up in a cabin with a group of strangers.

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Evil Dead II Regissert av Sam Raimi

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

EVIL DEAD II: DEAD BY DAWN finds Raimi operating in a much more complicated mode [than the first film], melding the horror of the first film with an increasing interest in slapstick and gross-out comedy. Neither evincing the relentless stream of malevolence that is the first EVIL DEAD film nor the good-natured silliness of ARMY OF DARKNESS, for many viewers, this second entry in the series is the best, finding the perfect balance between stupid and startling, between eerie and icky.
October 13, 2017
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