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Regissert av Małgorzata Szumowska
Polen, 2018


Jacek is a good-natured, long-haired metalhead with a lust for life and works on a construction site where they are building a giant Rio-rivalling statue of Jesus. It’s on the job that he suffers a massive accident that transforms him into a candidate for the country’s first face transplant.

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Mug Regissert av Małgorzata Szumowska

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  • Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Mug

    A honest portrayal of xenophobia but I don’t think it works as a ‘black comedy’ since the topic just isn't funny...Szumowska does better with the scenes dealing with religiosity in rural Poland.

  • Gwendolyn Foster's rating of the film Mug

    Brilliant film!! MUG is a dazzling and effective post-modern fable. A blistering critique of religion, consumerism, hypocrisy, parochialism, xenophobia, romance, and the superficiality of appearance, Malgorzata Szumowska offers an anti-fairy tale; a black comedy and social critique. Cinematographer Michal Englert employs a very narrow depth of field to great effect. One of the finest films of the decade.

  • tubbssw's rating of the film Mug

    The pre-accident scenes are entertaining but after our protagonist has his accident the screenplay dies a little once it focuses on the ethics of the community.

  • Kristin D Allfrey's rating of the film Mug

    A poignant reminder that we are not judge and jury. Szumowska uses rack focus throughout the film was brilliant. Newly engaged Jacek is disfigured in a construction accident while building a statue of Jesus. The sacrilegious community along with his family have lost all humanity, treating him with prejudice and cast him away. A sad story beautifully done.

  • dan's rating of the film Mug

    "Mug" depicts a local community entrenched in narrow-mindness and racism. (it reminds me of Vargas Llosa's communities) There is a large gap between the invoked religion and the acts of the people. It's a world where superficiality dominates. The accident makes the protagonist experience the prejudices first hand.

  • Beki's rating of the film Mug

    Loved the critic side of it -- I could recognize not only Poland but other societies in there. The story is not super well writen though -- how come he falls and just needs a face transplant, all the rest of his body being completely untouched?! But what striked me the most was the aesthetical options... WHY SO MUCH (FAKE) BLUR IN ALL THE SCENES?! Man, that distracted me asf from the film itself. What a shame.

  • Kwemo's rating of the film Mug

    A good premise and decent execution but too many elements of the film didn't allow me to suspend my disbelief. It also didn't dig deep enough. Ironically, a little superficial for a film examining superficiality.

  • Pok's rating of the film Mug

    Un hombre queda desfigurado en un accidente y recibe un transplante facial. Además de abusar de la suspensión de la verosimilitud al punto de resultar excesivamente ingenua, siento que es una oportunidad desperdiciada de hablar de temas importantes. Si bien no me pareció chocante ni necesariamente mala, tampoco llega a ser una buena película, ni de chiste.

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