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Regissert av Billy Wilder
Frankrike, Vest-Tyskland, 1978
Drama, Romantikk


Fedora, a Hollywood legend who never seems to age, commits suicide. When her friend and confidant, producer Dutch Detweiler, becomes suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her death, he uncovers a truth stranger than any Tinseltown fantasy.

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Fedora Regissert av Billy Wilder
The film itself may not be one of Billy Wilder’s more successful, but finally seeing it in widescreen allows us to appreciate its visual beauty, and it does have a last line to rank with SUNSET BLVD, SOME LIKE IT HOT and THE APARTMENT (Wilder scores very highly on the “famous last words” front). Wilder fans need this.
December 05, 2016
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[Detweiler] recalls the golden-age studio system as a lost empire that inspires both awe and regret. Unlike the earlier film, though, this one seethes with authentic nostalgia; Wilder’s attempt not merely to eulogize earlier styles but to revive them feels somewhat embalmed.
September 05, 2014
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Rarely screened, Billy Wilder’s penultimate film, Fedora (1978), may be a wan companion to one of his most celebrated, Sunset Boulevard (1950). But several of its tawdry observations about stardom and vanity give it a kicky kind of sordidness, suggesting a squarer version of Hollywood Babylon, republished just three years before Fedora’s release.
September 03, 2014
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