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His Lost Name


Regissert av Nanako Hirose
Japan, 2018


Middle-aged widower Tetsuro finds an unconscious, homeless young man on the riverbank in his small seaside town. Offering him room in his home, Tetsuro and the man who calls himself Shinichi develop a father-son dynamic, despite the secrets that linger between them.

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His Lost Name Regissert av Nanako Hirose

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  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film His Lost Name

    Was disappointed with this. There are potentially interesting ideas about guilt (and a weird male almost Oedipal relationship) but it left me cold. Didn't help that Shinichi starts out blank and doesn't grow or develop by film's conclusion. He is distractingly attractive tho (beach scene with a quivering lip is damn near obscene). Is this because of a female director? I don't know how its different but it is somehow.