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Hotel America

Hôtel des Amériques

Regissert av André Téchiné
Frankrike, 1981
Drama, Romantikk


Hélène, en anestesilege som også er pillemisbruker, sørger over dødsfallet til kjæresten og kjører nesten på Gilles. Gilles er interessert i henne først, men trekker seg unna når han tror at hun aldri kan elske en fra en lavere klasse. Men hun faller for han og sorgen letter.

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Hotel America Regissert av André Téchiné

Tildelinger & Festivaler

César Awards

1982 | 2 nominasjoner inkludert: Best Actress

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  • FISCHER's rating of the film Hotel America

    Film bien léché, et pourtant, malgré des acteurs confirmés et une intelligente et sensible présence de la ville de Biarritz ne font pas de ces 95 minutes un chef-d'oeuvre de la passion et du romantisme exacerbé. Tout le monde n'aborde pas les magnifiques rivages de "Peter Ibbetson" même si "Rendez-vous" confirmera quatre ans plus tard, Téchiné comme réalisateur passionnel, voire passionnant.

  • silvia's rating of the film Hotel America

    Fascinating story where the unspoken makes the ryhtm of the movie sweet and unsettling at the same time. There is a poetic Thread connecting All the characters. The Directing someTimes seems to take over reality and make the story stumbling a bit almost as the directing of the movie metaphoricallly becomes the destiny itself sacrificing the power of the carachters.Amazing Catherine Deneuve Makes the movie worthwhile

  • g's rating of the film Hotel America

    Eficiente melodrama. Esos rojos, verdes, azules. Esos encuadres perfectos. Esa música aguda en los momentos de cúspide sentimental. Y en el centro de la película: el sabor adictivo del amor-desamor. El itinerario de la pasión como emoción masiva intratable. La rica y el pobre. Las idas y vueltas. El pasado. Culebrón refinado. El monólogo final es universal. No debe haber ningún ser humano que no lo haya ensayado.

  • Pok's rating of the film Hotel America

    Historia de un romance tóxico y trágico, donde los complejos de inferioridad, las inseguridades y los celos por el pasado van destruyendo poco a poco al amor. Como siempre, cuando una persona quiere echarle ganas a la relación, la otra ya decidió que ha terminado. Triste pero cierto. Debería acabar con un ¿Fin?, pues la situación queda un tanto abierta. Una joven Deneuve espectacular, como de costumbre.

  • Manish Malik's rating of the film Hotel America

    I loved the background score, and for some reason found Bernard's story to be much more intriguing than the lead pair. I couldn't really get the conflict in Gilles's mind, he isn't satisfied by the love he is receiving - wonder why and what changes his mind in the end? Eh! too french!

  • r.nikhil1's rating of the film Hotel America

    This is just 90 minutes of the protagonist being a whiny, petulant, indecisive arse. There’s no chemistry between the couple and there’s no good reason why the two should even be together. A truly wasted evening.

  • Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Hotel America

    Catherine Deneuve is always watchable, both as an actress and as a pleasant view for the eyes, even when the male lead is as charismatic as clay and disgustingly self-absorbed. Then that is pretty much the point as the entire film is about a doomed relationship that is broken from the start. Great windy coast-line small town scenery add to the appeal of this film. Not a favorite, but a lot to like too.

  • Alex Meire's rating of the film Hotel America

    The poetics on losing accommodation is interesting. Well coupled with a recurrent unresolved longing for the next specific train or plane out. The strong thesis about love descends "ideologically" from the author and impregnates every character. Lacking independence, they act as a choir. Some charming secondary roles (sister, lady friend) are excellent.

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