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Hôtel du Nord

Regissert av Marcel Carné
Frankrike, 1938


Paris, 1938. A young couple rent a hotel room in order to commit suicide. During the night, gunshots ring out; the young woman is injured, and the young man dies. Her life then becomes entwined with life at the Hôtel du Nord and, oddly, with another colorful couple—a young woman and her pimp…

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Hôtel du Nord Regissert av Marcel Carné
If Hotel du Nord has a lighter tone and less fatalistic outlook than other poetic realist films by Marcel Carné, this is probably because the script is not by Carné’s most famous collaborator, Jacques Prévert, but by Henri Jeanson. I saw the film with a French friend, who kept laughing when I couldn’t see anything funny in the subtitles: he told me afterwards that the dialogue is filled with salty old Parisian slang.
December 21, 2014
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The end result is a kind of French melodrama in which the abiding tone is resigned futility, albeit with an irresistible glow of poetry in sound and image that leaves one exhilarated rather than drained.
December 17, 2013
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While it may lack Prévert’s acerbic edge, it is a masterpiece of production design and performance, as exemplified by the fidelity of Trauner’s sets and Arletty’s role as the ‘tart with the heart’. Like Le quai des brumes, Hôtel du Nord resonates with themes of imprisonment, disillusionment and the impossibility of escape.
March 13, 2011
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