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Invaders from Mars

Regissert av Tobe Hooper
USA, 1986
Science-Fiction, Grøsser, Thriller


A boy tries to stop an invasion of his town by aliens who take over the the minds of his parents, his least-liked schoolteacher and other townspeople. With the aid of the school nurse the boy enlists the aid of the U.S. Marines.

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Invaders from Mars Regissert av Tobe Hooper

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See it — you’ll be punch-drunk afterwards… One surprise with Tobe’s remake is how it doubles down on precisely the elements of the original that seemed dangerously hokey thirty years earlier and were least likely to find favour, one would have thought, with an 80s audience. Though there had been a spate of fantasy films with kid protagonists, IFM was never going to be another ET, was it?
September 13, 2016
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Tobe Hooper’s Invaders from Mars is one of the runts of this litter of 1950s/1980s horror cross-fertilizations, as it’s nowhere near as powerful, ambitious, or (re)defining of its source material as John Carpenter’s The Thing, David Cronenberg’s The Fly, or even Chuck Russell’s The Blob. But the film, at its best, evinces an updated anxiety with Americana that’s strikingly reminiscent of Hooper and Steven Spielberg’s similarly themed, vastly superior Poltergeist.
March 26, 2015
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To watch Invaders from Mars is, unfortunately, to discover that the sci-fi/horror film has become an academic genre. By this I mean that every almost every conceivable element has become pre-set and rather classical – not only plot moves and character stereotypes, but more alarmingly even the once-interesting undertones, thematic implications, subversive metaphors … all those things which made Hooper’s work from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) to Poltergeist (1982) so startling and important.
May 01, 1987
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