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Filippinene, 2018
Drama, Dokumentar


The three parts of “Lakbayan” are titled “Defocado” (Defocused), “Hugaw” (Dirt) and “Lakaran ni Kabunyan” (Kabunyan’s Journey).

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Journey Regissert av Kidlat Tahimik, Lav Diaz, Brillante Mendoza

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  • Jason's rating of the film Journey

    I ain't hardly one of these folks you'll come across unable to get down w/ the omnibus film. I can name a bunch of omnibus films I adore. I happen to be the one dude who loves the heck out of EROS (2004), for whatever that's worth. As for LAKBAYAN: the Diaz and the Tahimik are unambiguously magnificent, and I've never previously had opportunity to see anything be either on the big screen. The Mendoza? Look, I dig it.

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