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Mad Max: Fury Road

Regissert av George Miller
Australia, USA, 2015
Action, Science-Fiction


In a post-apocalyptic dystopia, a wayward drifter named Max comes to the aid of a rebellious lieutenant named Furiosa as they flee the corrupt, tyrannical rule of Immortal Joe with his five young wives.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Regissert av George Miller

Tildelinger & Festivaler

Academy Awards

2016 | 4 nominasjoner inkludert: Best Motion Picture of the Year

2016 | 6 seirer inkludert: {award_and_section}

American Film Institute Awards

2016 | Vinner: Movie of the Year

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

2015 | Nominert: Best Film

2015 | Vinner: Best Film Editing

New York Film Critics

2015 | Vinner: Best Cinematography

Okay, one of the best feminist films ever made was directed by a man. Deal with it. The one-armed Furiosa, played by an even-fiercer-than-usual Charlize Theron, and the even-fiercer lesbian separatist Vuvalini (sounds like Vulvalini) make the ladies in Wonder Woman look positively heteronormative.
May 24, 2018
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The metal-twisting, pyrotechnic vehicular carnage is consistently exhilarating—“pure” action at its most gloriously over-the-top. But the thrill of escape takes on a different meaning here; while science fiction traditionally looks to the future, Fury Road is all about the eternal past, racing to catch up in the rear-view mirror.
October 05, 2017
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George Miller dialed up the modern blockbuster to full blast. A cohesive vision with a structured journey built around themes of survival and endurance, [the film] showcased what is otherwise the narrative and thematic drought within the Hollywood blockbuster machine… Miller zeroes in on the sensuality of the environments, the carefully crafted machines and scorched landscapes. His future may be bleak, but it is filled with wonder and a hope derived from human ingenuity.
August 23, 2016
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