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Men Go to Battle

Regissert av Zachary Treitz
USA, 2015
Komedie, Drama, Historie
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The story of Francis and Henry Mellon, two brothers struggling to hold their crumbling estate together outside a small Kentucky town in the fall of 1861.

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The period film is stripped of all its baroque decoration in this minimalist, comic portrait of two brothers slowly engulfed by the Civil War. Co-written by American indie starlet Kate Lyn Sheil (who also co-stars), Men Go to Battle unfurls this decisive historical moment as riotous comedy.

Men Go to Battle Regissert av Zachary Treitz Se nå
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Treitz uses his considerably appealing and talented actors well… Even more impressive is Brett Jutkiewicz’s finely shaded cinematography, as rich in textural atmosphere with day and night exteriors as it is with candle-lit interiors. He and Treitz, are especially partial to handheld camera movements, à la Malick, which not only convey a strong physical sense of a time when many people traveled by foot, but later come to resonate with poignant thematic force.
July 05, 2016
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The richly textured images by the cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz offer an agile Impressionism illuminated by flickering bonfires and streaky sunlight; the actors’ blend of twitchiness and terse wit, chewy accents and untamed gestures, seems to grow spontaneously from the landscape. The film dramatizes the violence of war in deftly imaginative touches and captures grand swaths of history on the wing; it’s an instant-classic Western.
July 01, 2016
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Despite its archetypal story and familiar historical milieu, the film takes nothing for granted, rediscovering the base interactions—physical, social, economic, emotional—at the heart of everyday life, and sustaining a tone of intimacy.
April 08, 2015
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  • I.Camera's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    A naturalistic take on the American Civil War is possible, but Men Go To Battle is a muddled, unsatisfactory effort. The damage that the war brought to the state of Kentucky is rarely touched on, and the scenes of war itself are laughably abbreviated. The mumblecore approach simply doesn't work, as dialogue and character development better suited to a coffee meet in NY is applied to one of America's great traumas.

  •'s rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    Sometimes I just like going to the locale and this film took me there. But having a brother I was intrigued with the relationship. Sometimes you just get on without saying much.

  • Antares Rising's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    While tempted to praise a mumblecore effort for simply achieving competence with costumes, sets, and cinematography in an historical film, the numerous inane, improbable conversations and situations, along with derivative plot lines and long stretches of filler footage disposes me to suggest that Treitz, etc. limit themselves to contemporary situations where they might come off less phony. Or edit to 20 min.

  • Yash Patel's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    Not a movie I would recommend for who wanted to watch something comedic. There were some few laughable moments but it mostly is drama. It is however a good movie to pass your time as long as you don't mind watching a film with a good story line which was poorly acted out. You can learn some historical facts and context from this film, however, I am not sure how realistic this film is.

  • Winston Kalmbach's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    This movie follows two brothers in the Civil War era. It was a refreshing take on multiple subjects however the humorous element as described was not as present as I had hoped. While not completely somber I would not describe the comedic element as riotous, nonetheless this is definitely a very good film that manages to capture a different aspect as you would usually expect from a film reflecting the Civil War Era.

  • Pok's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    La primera mitad es como Jackass pero en tiempos de la Guerra de Secesión, con un par de hermanos haciéndose bromas estúpidas. Después, uno de ellos se enlista en el ejército y va sin rumbo por las tierras del sur de EUA. Me gustó la ambientación, los vestuarios, la estética indie y la escena en que hay un intercambio de café por tabaco entre soldados de ambos frentes. Pero a nivel historia, deja mucho que desear.

  • Allyson McCall's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    I wanted to like this film so badly due to my love for bio and history flicks. But this movie felt average and unoriginal. It did have a few moments of comic relief and was oddly touching at times. But this movie just fell flat compared to other civil war films that exist. It had the same cliche arch of all war films pertaining to family and brothers and the struggles of war. The genre was a mixed bag of random ideas

  • kamrey dowdy's rating of the film Men Go to Battle

    I normally watch horror or sci-fi so I wanted to switch it up this time and watch something different. This film wasn't anything really special to me. It did make me laugh a couple of times but there was nothing outrageously comedic. It was a mix of genres which I like though, so that was cool. Other than that, I think this film was a drag.

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