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Mysterious Object at Noon

Dokfa nai meuman

Thailand, 2000
Dokumentar, Drama, Mysterie


In this semi-documentary, Apichatpong Weerasethakul provides an original portrayal of his fellow citizens. Battling food vendors, a boxer addicted to TV, a pious policewoman and a loveless rubber-tree tapper each contribute to a serial narrative.

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Mysterious Object at Noon Regissert av Apichatpong Weerasethakul
The capper for me, Apichatpong Weerasethakul's debut film, Mysterious Object at Noon (2000), is not at all perfect — it can't be, because life and time and people are imperfect, and because the film itself tries not to be a real film at all, fiction or doc... Weerasethakul's unique wabi-sabi sensibility, as meta as it is embraceably humane, is here in utero, and his film is a brand-new thing, porous and undefined, open to accident and whim.
August 08, 2017
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Critics greeted its arrival on the festival circuit in 2000 as they might have a UFO sighting. Mysterious Object was disorienting equally for its out-of-nowhere inventiveness and for being rooted in a very specific place and culture. Thailand had been largely off the radar of even the most seasoned festivalgoers. But coming from anywhere, this thoroughly unpredictable shape-shifter would have qualified as sui generis: part road movie, part folk storytelling exercise, part surrealist parlor game.
May 30, 2017
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The participatory nature of Joe's first feature is testament to the strength of his artistic vision. At once easygoing and difficult to follow, Mysterious Object's structure employs the corps exquis technique, first advanced by André Breton and the French Surrealists: a meaning-making game by which a sentence or picture is formed from individual units, each of which is contributed by someone with minimal or partial access to what the preceding whole looks like.
January 05, 2017
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