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Night People

Regissert av Nunnally Johnson
USA, 1954
Eventyr, Film noir


Post WWII yarn about a young GI abducted by the Soviets in West Berlin and hauled off to the East. His recovery gets complicated as Colonel Steve Van Dyke (Peck) tries to sort out the usefulness of informants, spies, bureaucrats, and the abductee’s influential father (Crawford)!

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Night People Regissert av Nunnally Johnson

Tildelinger & Festivaler

Academy Awards

1955 | Nominert: Best Writing, Motion Picture Story

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

Contrary to expectations, Night People was not a rousing saga of a crusade in shining armour against the forces of darkness, but an intelligent account of grim test of strength, with no illusions, against a dangerous, hidden, but estimable antagonist. It makes a plain statement, asks us to believe that a particular state of affairs exists, and then proceeds to fashion dramatic entertainment from this material.
August 01, 1954
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