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Old and New

Старое и новое

Sovjetunionen, 1929
Stumfilm, Drama


Marpha Lapkina, a horseless peasant unwilling to subject herself to poverty, organizes a dairy artel together with local agronomist and poor men. The workers-patrons help them to get the first tractor, and a little bit later dozens of tractors cultivate the artel land.

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Old and New Regissert av Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Aleksandrov

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

Eisenstein’s iconic montage sequences in The Old and the New are on par with montage experiments in his other silent films, while his interest in religion, ritual, myth, and co-existence of historical epochs aligns this film with his unfinished projects of the 1930s – namely, Que viva Mexico! (1931-1932) and Bezhin lug (Bezhin Meadow, 1937).
December 14, 2017
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