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Only God Forgives

Regissert av Nicolas Winding Refn
USA, Frankrike, 2013
Krim, Drama, Thriller


Et Shakespeare-aktig drama om Julian, en respektert kriminell i Bangkok. Når han må søke gjengjeldelse for brorens død av deres mor, kommer han i en samtale med hevnengelen.

Only God Forgives Regissert av Nicolas Winding Refn

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Village Voice Film Poll

2013 | Vinner: Worst Film

Bodil Awards

2014 | Nominert: Best Supporting Actress

Sydney Film Festival

2013 | Vinner: Best Film

I was utterly engrossed by the cultural dynamics central to the film. Put simply, all of the white characters are consumers, tourists, and their consumption is what causes much of the trouble for Bangkok’s luckless citizenry.
July 23, 2013
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Whether gliding ominously down long, lavishly decorated corridors or fixed between door frames looking into perfectly symmetrical rooms, Refn’s voyeuristic lens gives the film a hypnotic, haunting feel. Refn has drawn similarities between Only God Forgives and Drive, but it shares a more tangible spiritual connection with the Danish writer/director’s elliptical 2003 thriller Fear X, in which John Turturro experiences peculiar visions relating to his wife’s seemingly random death.
May 22, 2013
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The movie, in which Ryan Gosling plays an American drug smuggler living the low life in Bangkok, is many things—unhinged yet restrained, arty yet cheesy—but it’s never boring. And if it’s a disappointment after Refn’s last movie, the viscerally elegant Drive, it at least bobs along on a grim, bloody current of silliness. You may not think you’re up for seeing a rib cage split open like a rack of lamb, but when it’s this well art-directed, what the hell?
July 17, 2013
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