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  1. Sin título.'s rating of the film Shutter

  2. Justin Crowe's rating of the film Shutter

    an absolute top-tier horror film, and a very shockingly emotional one. watch this one with the lights out!

  3. Tibulle85's rating of the film Shutter

    (Vukekparsurleweb) Ce film d'horreur thaïlandais à la bonne réputation se révèle un très honorable pastiche de la production J-Horror du début des années 2000. Ms un pastiche reste un pastiche et, outre des emprunts formels plus que flagrants (Ring 2!), le scénario très générique (énième vengeance d'une femme bafouée) et pas toujours bien maîtrisé tire l'ensemble vers le bas. La conclusion est cependant marquante.

  4. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Shutter

    A general rule regarding horror movies: the more it explains, the less scary it is (even if it uses all the tricks in the book like “Shutter” does). But perhaps in this case it’s justifiable. Adolescent boys’ fear of the girl with no make-up is something you need to deconstruct, and as always, there’s something behind this dread that has more to with masculinity than anything else. Sympathy for the ghost.

  5. Enkiled's rating of the film Shutter

    Everything was pinpoint built: tension, characters, the plot. The so called inference of the scenes was just flawless. A very good film period. The horror element was quality too.

  6. noone's rating of the film Shutter

  7. Gabriel Monade's rating of the film Shutter

    It's impossible to say why this film is such a good horror film without ruining it. I am not a fan of horror films though this one rises much further than simply jump horror

  8. Roberto Neves's rating of the film Shutter

  9. Palmat's rating of the film Shutter

    Effective ghost story that manages some freshness in an otherwise stale genre. The acting is good and the scares are not that bad. The drama angle is sort of well played and added some gravitas to an otherwise OK movie.

  10. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Shutter

    Quanto je piacciono agli asiatici 'ste storie coi fantasmi e le fotografie. Ma quanto?

  11. Khashayar Mohammadi's rating of the film Shutter

    East Asians don't fuck around when it comes to Horror.

  12. aureliandroid's rating of the film Shutter

  13. Michael H.'s rating of the film Shutter

    For Halloween 31 For 31. A link to a review can be found here -

  14. Argo Selig's rating of the film Shutter

    best horror movie I've ever seen

  15. Alessandro Di Fraio's rating of the film Shutter

    Un film ben costruito, anche se un po' scontatuccio. Il colpo di scena in realtà non è neanche un vero e proprio colpo di scena. Shutter è ben fatto, ma al di là di questo è un po' vuoto. Personalmente amo gli horror asiatici, ma questo ha deluso le mie aspettative con una trama che potrebbe benissimo passare per un racconto dell'orrore da campeggio.

  16. Frank Lato's rating of the film Shutter

    I thought this was great; I love the slow pace of these Asian horror films, it really helps build tension and suspense without relying heavily on jump scares. Great movie!

  17. Asher's rating of the film Shutter

    Well I saw the American version and sense its not here..... I loved it though. Snobs can say whatever they want, but I thought it had a great story, that it was terrifying in some parts, especially if the idea of ghosts is creepy to you, and that the ending was awesome. Very enjoyable.

  18. film_lies101's rating of the film Shutter

    Same ole asian horror bullshit involving ghosts

  19. Tisa's rating of the film Shutter

    This scared the shit out of me! Asians definitely do know how to film a good scare.

  20. Dalga M.'s rating of the film Shutter

  21. Risya's rating of the film Shutter

    The original shutter. Flipping SCARY! I've never screamed and startled so much in a movie before. I left my lights on at night for 2 weeks because of this one. If you're a fan of Asian horror movie, you're in for a treat from this Thai horror!

  22. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Shutter

    Its a fine movie with genuinely scary bits

  23. nothere's rating of the film Shutter

    A fun and slightly forgettable little scare flick that pulls a few interesting scares here and there. The plot is a simple copy/paste job of your long haired revenge ghost but let the plot slide and enjoy some neat little camera and special effect tricks.

  24. Lee Bullitt's rating of the film Shutter

    It's gotten a little less than love here, but I have to say this flick gave me a lot more than I expected it to. There's only so much you can feel from a horror movie, & this one really got to me. I felt oddly emotional at one point and there were a lot of things I can relate to, which is never ever the case when I'm watching a horror movie (other than the occasional "if someone was stalking me I'd..." sort of thing)