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Smiley Face

Regissert av Gregg Araki
USA, Tyskland, 2007
Komedie, Eventyr, Kult


With madcap charm and what appears to be a body made entirely of rubber, Anna Faris stars as lazy, out-of-work actress Jane F., who one eventful morning unwittingly scarfs down her spacey roommate’s super-charged pot cupcakes and then sets out to try and replace them before he finds out.

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Smiley Face Regissert av Gregg Araki

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

Maybe the finest screen comedy of the new millennium? Anna Faris’s performance sweeps through a range of THC-addled emotions: awe, disbelief, delight, confusion, terror. Each one’s a punchline emerging on her daffy face. The intricate screenplay by Dylan Haggerty (his only such credit) is marvel of invention that subjects Faris’s character Jane to dozens of challenges, none of which she’s even remotely equipped to handle.
December 03, 2017
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[Jane] pays tribute to the stoner comedy’s dissident tradition while problematizing its male-homosocial conduct—and she’s really funny. Faris’ nuanced slapstick magnifies her opponents’ biases, poking fun at the ones who normally hold the comedic upper hand. Smiley Face reminds us that malfunction and tripping are sites worthy of feminist struggle too.
November 24, 2015
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