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The Guilty

Den skyldige

Regissert av Gustav Möller
Danmark, 2018


Danish police officer Holm is taking the emergency calls tonight. His shift is nearly over. This isn’t his usual job—he’s been sentenced to it whilst awaiting a court case. His disinterest is palpable, until he’s called by a panicking young woman. She’s being kidnapped.

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The Guilty Regissert av Gustav Möller
Like the best podcasts and radio plays, the stripped-down Danish thriller “The Guilty” paints such vivid pictures with words that, afterward, we’re not exactly sure what we saw and what was merely imagined. Imagination, though, is so rarely asked of movie audiences these days that the daring of the first-time feature director, Gustav Moller, can hardly be overstated.
October 18, 2018
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The premise—with its emphasis on confinement and solitude—cries out for the squarish Academy ratio, but director Gustav Möller shot this in wide-screen for no good reason; the images, all but defined by their wasted space, tend to slacken the tension engendered by the narrative.
October 18, 2018
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The viewer’s ability to follow a movie with the sound off is seen as proof of a director’s skill, but The Guilty, which could easily be a radio play or podcast, displays obvious talent on Möller’s part—from his direction of the large, unseen supporting cast to the background noise of sloshing tires and drumming rain that evokes both an unseen rainstorm and Asger’s own internal tumult.
October 16, 2018
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