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16 Vurderinger

The Red Inn

L'auberge rouge

Regissert av Jean Epstein
Frankrike, 1923


Caught in a storm, two young doctors book into an inn for the night and find themselves sharing a room with a Dutch diamond merchant. During the night Prosper steals from the merchant, but when he awakes in the morning he finds the merchant dead and his friend gone.

The Red Inn Regissert av Jean Epstein

Hva sier folk?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Red Inn

    Silent moral tale, after Balzac, about justice, greed and romance. Epstein's impressionist perspective is evident in a number of moments like, for example, in the way he dissects space in the inn and focuses on various objects and characters but also in the lyrical shots of nature. The macabre and occult aspects add to the atmosphere of gloom and unredeemed wrongdoing. Narratively, it is complex and elliptical.

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