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The Terror

USA, 1963
Grøsser, Drama, Fantasy


A young officer in Napoleon’s army pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron, where he discovers that she is the pawn of an old witch bent on driving the Baron to suicide.

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The Terror Regissert av Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola, Monte Hellman ...

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Terror

    **1/2 I love B movies. Here, Jack Nicholson must climb up a mountain to find the ocean up there ! Now, the first 15 minutes of THE TERROR are very good disclosing little by little a fairy tale mood worthy of the most dark German tales of the XIXth century. The rest of the film is not so interesting. A DVD zone Corman fans or curious ones.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Terror

    The many archetypal inversions that play up the masculine fear of the Other are a plus here, if seen within the genre of horror that fuses intelligently milieu with inner mental torment. Here, the fascination with decay and doppelgänger effects are properly accompanied by exuberant exterior shots. In terms of acting it is a mess (Karloff survives the fiasco) but color and opening credits reward to astounding degree.

  • Karthik's rating of the film The Terror

    By far the best bits in the film are the outdoor seaside ones, filled with a fine feeling for landscape, and most of which (around 15 min) were shot by Monte Hellman (apparently most of Coppola's outdoors footage was unusable, pace Wikipedia, though 10 mins of it wound up in bits and pieces: some bits of the forest scene, the scenes at Katrina's hut)

  • Murat Erdem's rating of the film The Terror

    Defalarca seyrettiğim film. Sevdiğimden dolayı değil aslında televizyonda o kadar çok yayınlandı ki zamanında ne zaman açsam sonuna kadar izliyordum sıkılmadan. İzle - geç bir eğlencelik.

  • Axel's rating of the film The Terror

    Un navet suranné qui se regarde avec plaisir. L’intrigue est pas mal, le reste est kitsch. Les gros sabots font sourire, comme la tombe de la « baroness » gravée en anglais, alors qu’on est censés se trouver vers Darmstadt (mais au bord de la mer!!!), et le caramel fondu pour faire le cadavre en décomposition. J. Nicholson a l’air nigaud. Malgré tout, le suspense est au rendez-vous. Il y aurait un bon remake à faire.

  • johmus's rating of the film The Terror

    When a man meets a beautiful girl while being lost in a strange place dark magic, ghosts of the past and grievance ensues. Boris Karloff is a beast with his sad eyes and rigorous demeanor. A film suitable for anyone who isn't afraid of mild unprofessionalism and witnessing joyful moviemaking. This has the makings of a cult picture due to the names involved and the easygoing attitude of the creative team. Was fun.

  • FISCHER's rating of the film The Terror

    Sympathique film bricolo-fauché qui ravira les amateurs d'épouvante kitsch et les fervents "cormanophiles" toujours aussi nombreux dans la galaxie fantastique...

  • Gerry Albert's rating of the film The Terror

    Movie wasn't too bad! I enjoyed it. I particularly was blown away that Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson starred in a movie together. Talk about bridging the gap!

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