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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Regissert av John Huston
USA, 1948
Action, Drama, Western


Two jobless Americans convince a prospector to travel to the mountains of Mexico with them in search of gold. But the hostile wilderness, local bandits, and greed all get in the way of their journey.

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Regissert av John Huston

Tildelinger & Festivaler

Venice Film Festival

1948 | Vinner: Best Music

Academy Awards

1949 | 3 seirer inkludert: {award_and_section}

1949 | Nominert: Best Picture

The film transgresses against the typical conventions of the era: it exposes big movie stars, specifically Bogart, in the unlikeable light of malicious greed and despicable cupidity. The men, who start out as decent human beings, descend to rapacity (again, most notably Bogart), fending off bandits and other treasure-seekers willing to trade their humanity for a few nuggets of metal.
June 22, 2016
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Bogart arguably overplays Dobbs’ mercurial nature, but there aren’t many actors who can seem both so stand-up and so low-down (it’s the transitions that clank a bit); Huston Sr. remains a hammily entertaining force of nature, proto-Herzogian when he breaks into his cackle-and-dance routine. But I gained new appreciation this time for Tim Holt in the ostensibly dull role of the good egg who never cracks.
July 18, 2011
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The vital interplay of the characters in the film, as they would interact in real life, is a refreshing cinematic perspective that ends in a cathartic resolution. Huston grounds the drama in a fine understanding of human reality. Real life situations serve as the foundation of the behaviour that we witness in the film.
June 01, 2011
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