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Andy Warhol's Trash

Regissert av Paul Morrissey
USA, 1970
Komedie, Drama, Kult


Holly is a transvestite who spends time collecting trash, going to the Fillmore East, and cruising for sex. Joe is only interested in his next fix, and graphic displays of degrading human situations deglamorize drug use better than any board of education film or public service messages.

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Trash Regissert av Paul Morrissey

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

It’s no surprise that George Cukor campaigned to get Holly Woodlawn an Oscar nomination for her earnest, antsy performance in this underground classic from producer Andy Warhol. Beyond its cheap porn aesthetic and salacious subject matter (it’s essentially the story of a heroin addict trying to get a hard-on), Trash is a smart, spry, subversive comedy in the tradition of the great screwballs.
August 13, 2014
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Needs to be seen alongside FLESH, the blithely sensual hustler of that film having now lost his mojo (and libido) to heroin – a more victimising, superficially less interesting dynamic yet the film makes up in complexity what it lacks in easy warmth, moving via queasy, hilarious, car-wreck theatrical set-pieces which remain quite extreme (esp. the encounter with the clearly underage teen who gets pawed, then plied with drugs) from initial faux-naturalism to pure performance…
February 01, 2013
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