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What Is an Auteur?
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When Pigs Fly

Regissert av Sara Driver
Tyskland, Nederland, 1993
Komedie, Drama
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What Is an Auteur?


A good-humored ghost story, focusing on a kind jazz musician who makes a living teaching music and takes solace from the company of his dog.

Vår mening

Ten years after the sublime Sleepwalk, Driver followed it with this oneiric, jazz-infused ghost story. Set in a small port town and haunted by a host phantoms (one played by the always brilliant Marianne Faithfull!), When Pigs Fly is a completely beguiling invocation of the unresolved past.

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Anmeldelser fra kritikere

As a story, the movie remains determinedly slight, and at times the whimsical reminders of Topper (one of Driver’s avowed models) come too close for comfort; but the poetry of the people and place leaves a bracing aftertaste.
September 01, 1993
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  • Kevin's rating of the film When Pigs Fly

    Sara Driver’s films so reflect Agnes Varda I would be surprised if they did not meet. From the very beginning, street scenes filled with detail so hard to achieve in writing, then the flying scenes and general aura, even the title sounds like Varda. I am watching her work backward, the later first, then the earlier. I am glad I started here, young Alfred Molina too…

  • Yash Patel's rating of the film When Pigs Fly

    When Pigs Fly is a beautiful film. It is a ok comedy film but there is more drama in it. If you're here to watch a comedic film, this may not be it varying on how comedic you want the film to be. The story of the film is wack, and the plot is boring. It goes on without any comprehension of what the audience will be thinking. Some parts are confusing like the clown talking to the kid. I don't recommend this film.

  • Dylan O'Connell's rating of the film When Pigs Fly

    When pigs fly is a okay movie the comedy that there trying to go for doesn't really age well with a few exceptions here and their, The acting of this film is alright and same with the comedy didn't age well and the story of the film is kinda lack luster no real hook to the plot it kinda just goes on.

  • morgancurtis's rating of the film When Pigs Fly

    Two stars for Air Misterioso in the trailer. Beautiful sequence. Should’ve stopped there. Story involves a clown posing as a jazz musician. And the clown apparently thinks the harmony of Thelonious Monk is Jazz 101 for a 12-year old piano student who can’t read music. The kid digs Monk but wants to study Cecil Taylor instead. But the clown tells the kid he’s not ready for Cecil - WTF! - I stopped there.

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