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White Bird in a Blizzard

Regissert av Gregg Araki
USA, Frankrike, 2014
Drama, Thriller


Based on the acclaimed novel by Laura Kasischke, White Bird in a Blizzard tells the story of Kat Connors, a young woman whose life is turned upside down by the sudden disappearance of her beautiful, enigmatic mother.

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White Bird in a Blizzard Regissert av Gregg Araki
This is a Greg Araki movie, one of his very best – the forces of darkness are close to us, in the apparently safe haven of the familiar. Araki reveals what was lurking behind the apparent provocation of his earlier work – an ethical project that subjects the twists, turns and foibles of American life to a critical, yet generous gaze. The kids will walk free – but they have inherited from the world built by their parents, and it’s their responsibility now to build one on their own.
March 23, 2014
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In The Spectacular Now and The Fault in Our Stars, Woodley plays kind, idealistic, but hardly naive young women who find actualization through romantic love. One of the more compelling things about White Bird is how it plays with and against Woodley’s screen persona from those other films… [In White Bird,] Araki exploits Woodley’s inherent sympathy so well that you might not realize it at first. The gradual revelation of the character’s awfulness is but one trick White Bird has up its sleeve.
February 10, 2015
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Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd’s understandably Cocteau Twins-esque score helps set the 1988 opening stages, Araki’s taste for richly saturated colors remains intact and the music cues, video game consoles Depeche Mode posters, and other period signifiers are as carefully chosen and spotlighted as those in Mysterious Skin… [But] with White Bird’s central mystery mostly backgrounded, the unevenness of the main narrative thrust’s daily life segments weakens the impact considerably.
October 28, 2014
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